GeT Seminar - April 1, 2022


An Illustration of How to Use Geometry Problems to Teach Mathematical Ideas

Friday, May 6, 2022
11:00 am PT | 12:00 pm MT | 1:00 pm CT | 2:00 pm ET
Presenter: Dr. Gil Schwarts

Summary: The Japanese approach to problem-based lessons is well known for the selection of interesting, challenging problems, the highly-planned teacher moves, and the facilitation of student attempts toward solving the problem. This talk will revolve around one geometry problem, taken from a Japanese 8th-grade lesson filmed for the TIMSS video study, as a case of how rich problems can be used to teach a multitude of mathematical ideas. I will also describe the learning opportunities this problem offered for teachers in terms of reflecting on their pedagogical considerations when teaching geometry in problem-based lessons.

Registration Closed

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Online seminar via Zoom web meeting software with questions and discussion. Detailed instructions for joining the seminar will be emailed to registered participants.


Gil Schwarts

Gil Schwarts is a postdoctoral research fellow at the GRIP lab at the University of Michigan. Gil earned her Ph.D. and M.Sc. in mathematics education at the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, and her BS.c. in mathematics at the Ben-Gurion University. Her scholarship lies in the intersection of mathematics teachers’ professional learning, collaboration, leadership, and decision-making processes. She is also interested in how discussions among teachers can be productive and transformative, and how teachers-students interactions can be enhanced to accommodate meaningful learning.