GeT Seminar - December 15, 2022


Student Learning Objectives for Geometry for Teachers Courses

Thursday, December 15th, 2022
1:00 pm PT | 2:00 pm MT | 3:00 pm CT | 4:00 pm ET
Authors and Presenters: Tuyin An, Orly Buchbinder, Dorin Dumitrascu, Erin Krupa, Laura Pyzdrowski, Sharon Vestal, Steve Boyce, Steve Cohen, Henry Escuadro, Nat Miller, Steve Szydlik

Summary: Over the last several years, the Teaching GeT Working Group members of the GeT: The Pencil community have been engaged in writing a set of essential Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) for Geometry for Teachers (GeT) courses. In this seminar, members of this working group will provide a historical lens on the development of the SLOs and will discuss the current living document, which includes an open forum for comments and feedback related to the ten SLOs and narratives. We will demonstrate how to use the GeT website and forums. We hope the forums will facilitate long-term discussions around the SLOs; to that end, we will encourage participants in this seminar to help start the conversations about the SLOs there.

If you are planning to attend this seminar, we encourage you to read the SLOs and sign up for forum access in advance at If you have any trouble registering for the forums, please contact us for technical assistance.

Registration Closed

Duration: 60 minutes

Format: Online seminar via Zoom web meeting software with questions and discussion. Detailed instructions for joining the seminar will be emailed to registered participants.

Authors and Presenters:

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Tuyin An, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Georgia Southern University
Orly Buchbinder, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, University of New Hampshire
Dorin Dumitrascu, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Adrian College
Erin Krupa, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Statistics Education, North Carolina State University
Laura Pyzdrowski, Professor of Mathematics, West Virginia University
Sharon Vestal, Associate Professor of Mathematics Education, South Dakota State University
Steve Boyce, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education, Portland State University
Steve Cohen, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Roosevelt University
Henry Escuadro, Professor and Chair of Mathematics, Juniata College
Nat Miller, Professor of Mathematical Sciences, University of Northern Colorado
Steve Szydlik, Professor of Mathematics, University of Wisconsin Oshkosh