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L essonSketch is an approach to research and development in teacher education that relies on the creation and use of multimedia representations of practice. Originally, the name LessonSketch designated a software platform that contained a number of proprietary tools to do the research and development described in the previous sentence–including storyboard creation, media annotation, survey creation, and lesson planning. As software needs increase and more providers are available, the GRIP uses LessonSketch concepts and a variety of tools (some developed by GRIP, such as Anotemos and Lesson Depict, and some by third parties, such as Canvas, Google Suite, and Qualtrics) to design and implement much more robust research instruments and learning experiences for teachers.

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The LessonSketch Collection is a library of curated media in various media forms, such as videos, animations, and storyboards made with cartoon characters. The animations include lessons in algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The storyboards include lessons in mathematics across the K-12 spectrum and also storyboards designed for the preparation of teachers. Interested parties can fill this form to request a token with which to access the collection. Parties interested in using any element of the collection for research or development, can indicate so by completing a form next to each element of the collection.

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In the original LessonSketch platform, Experiences referred to any interactive multimedia courses, modules, assessments, or research instruments created by educators and researchers. Experiences were designed so as to engage participants in active learning through creating their own multimedia resources, sharing and discussing those artifacts in forums, and exploring computer-based simulations. Presently, GRIP offers on Canvas a series of 8 modules for teachers to explore and learn the Standards for Mathematical Practice. If you are interested in these experiences or others, please complete this interest form.

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Our tools, Anotemos and Lesson Depict, allow the creation of media objects that can be shared privately or publicly. We are eager to establish collaborations in which we can share these tools for their use in professional training or research. Our team can provide support to teacher educators and researchers who want to create modules or surveys for their clients–specifically, we can provide design and survey development knowledge as well as media and technology resources. Please complete this form to indicate your interest or to ask any question you have.

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LessonSketch relies on two software tools produced by the GRIP, Anotemos ( and Lesson Depict (, and on a number of shareware tools including Canvas, Qualtrics, and Google Suite. Additionally, and for very limited time, the LessonSketch platform is available at Current users may continue to use it but are advised that the platform will no longer be operational in 2021. The LessonSketch platform is not accepting new members, but you may sign up for updates on our redevelopment on Canvas by completing this interest form