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Lesson Depict is a powerful storyboarding tool designed especially to depict classroom scenarios. Education researchers may use it to create graphical narrations of events in a classroom that they might want to embed in scenario-based questionnaires for teachers or students. Teacher developers may use Lesson Depict to demonstrate how particular teaching routines or activities might be done or how students might respond to particular tasks. Teacher developers may also use it to assign their clients work representing how they would undertake the work of teaching. Classroom teachers might use Lesson Depict to demonstrate to their students how to engage in classroom practices such as having a discussion or critiquing an argument.

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Depict supports the sharing of depictions with one or multiple users. These new collaborators can create new assets and modify them throughout the slides of a depiction. Collaborators may view each other’s work within the depiction. A depiction may also be exported to Anotemos where it can be annotated just like any other piece of media. A depiction can be published on the web and shared publicly.


Depict allows users to manipulate an extensive library of graphics that represent teachers, students, and classroom props. It connects with drawing, text editing, and formula editing tools that can be inscribed in the whiteboard. Users can also upload their own assets in the form of pictures or LaTeX formulae.


In addition to the storyboarding of lessons, Lesson Depict supports the creation of Lesson Maps that connect depictions and include branching points and alternative actions. Much like a ‘Choose your own Adventure’, Depict Maps allows users to create a branching lesson that can take turns based off of different choices made during its presentation in a learning environment.


If a user creates a depiction and adds you as a collaborator, Depict will prompt you to join the depiction and create an account. If you are interested in creating your own depictions, please complete this interest form.