Grip Lab Researchers to Share Work at 2023 AERA Annual Meeting

Grip Lab Researchers to Share Work at 2023 AERA Annual Meeting

The next AERA Annual Meeting, the largest education research conference in the world, will take place in Chicago, IL, April 13-16, 2022. Two papers submitted by the GRIP Lab researchers for this conference have been accepted as roundtable presentations. Information about the days and times of these presentations will be available early next year.

Beyond correctness: What do teachers notice about student work produced in problem-based lessons?

Gil Schwarts, Pat Herbst, Irma Stevens and Amanda Brown

This paper describes empirical evidence about categories of perceptions that teachers notice when they review samples of student work. We found that teachers noticed aspects of student work that were serviceable to the lesson goals more than those that were not serviceable. Interestingly, we also found they noticed non-normative aspects of SW more often than normative aspects. These results contribute to understanding teachers’ multidimensional noticing in problem-based lessons.


Contention and Coalescence in Mathematical Knowledge: Undergraduate Geometry Instructors’ Cooperative Design of Student Learning Objectives

Carolyn Hetrick, Patricio G. Herbst, Amanda Brown, and Mike Ion

This paper contributes to understandings of how faculty develop curricular resources that integrate various sources and uses of disciplinary knowledge. Further, it suggests possibilities for education researchers to explore questions about the what and how of pre-service teachers’ learning by engaging the work and knowledge of faculty teaching outside of schools of education.