A Chapter Published in the Handbook of STEM Faculty Development

We’re happy to share that IAP’s recent release, Handbook of STEM Faculty Development, includes a chapter authored by several members of the GRIP Lab’s GeT: A Pencil project. Reflecting on the organization of GeT: A Pencil, including members’ leadership in designing and facilitating work projects, the authors contribute to growing understandings about support for STEM faculty development across institutions and local contexts. If you’re interested in reading the chapter, please reach out to us; you can check out the full Handbook at IAP’s website.

An, T., Berzina-Pitcher, I., Bigelow, V., Brown, A., Buchbinder, O., Herbst, P., Hetrick,
C., Miller, N., Prasad, P., Pyzdrowski, L., Sears, R., St. Goar, J., Szydliks, S., &
Vestal, S. (2022). A cross-institutional faculty online learning community:
Community-guided faculty development in teaching college geometry for
teachers. In S. Linder, C. Lee, & K. High (Eds.) Handbook of STEM Faculty
Development, pp. 325-336. Information Age Publishing.