GRIP Alumni, Justin Dimmel, Receives NSF CAREER Award

GRIP Alumni, Justin Dimmel, Receives NSF CAREER Award

GRIP Lab Alumni, Justin Dimmel, an assistant professor of mathematics education and instructional technology at the University of Maine, received an NSF CAREER award to support research on how “movement-based interactions with spatial inscriptions” can support the teaching and learning of high school geometry. To accomplish this goal, the project will examine (a) the use of diagrams representing three-dimensional figures in high school geometry instruction, and (b) students’ experiences using immersive technologies (e.g. virtual or augmented reality) when learning geometry.

Dimmel completed both an MS in mathematics (2013) and a Ph.D. in mathematics education (2015) at the University of Michigan. At the University of Maine, he leads the immersive mathematics in rendered environments (IMRE) laboratory. He is a member of the GeT: A Pencil community.

You can learn more about Dimmel’s research in the recently published UMaine News article.