GRIP at the 2022 AERA Annual Meeting

GRIP at the 2022 AERA Annual Meeting

The Grip Lab was representing strong this past week at AERA. Carolyn Hetrick and Irma Stevens traveled to San Diego to present work on the GeT Project and the T4D Project, respectively. 

On Thursday, Carolyn presented work done by  several GRIP Lab members (Inese, Mike, Carolyn,Pat, Amanda) and GeT: A Pencil community members. At a round table session titled, “Factors Influencing Faculty Workload and Satisfaction,” Carolyn shared how GeT participants’ reflections and participations demonstrated possibilities for how Faculty Online Learning Community (FOLC) could facilitate faculty members’ individual growth and provide structures for advancing more systemic change in undergraduate STEM teaching and learning. Carolyn particularly emphasized how the process of writing the SLOs provides examples of faculty’s engagement with the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

On Sunday, Irma, with a guest appearance from recent Grip Lab alum Dr. Nicolas Boileau, presented work done by them, Scott, Amanda, and Pat. They presented at a Round Table session called The Role of Language in Mathematics their talk entitled “Timing as a Complexity in Teaching.” In the talk, they shared their analysis of Algebra teachers’ discussions of the role of student work varying in terms of normativity and serviceability throughout the lesson. Specifically, they noted how teachers described that the appropriateness of using pieces of student work in a classroom discussion depended on whether or not the work would be presented early in the lesson (a “time for exploring”) or later (“algebra time”).  Link

On Tuesday, Irma presented on behalf of Pat, Amanda, and herself at a Round Table called Math Teacher Professional Development: Understanding Processes and Impact. The title was “The Evolution of StoryCircles: On Online Professional Learning Approach to Attend to Practice in Context”. In the talk, she shared how StoryCircles has adapted over the years as we have reflected on the artifacts we provide to participants and the resulting discussions teachers had when engaging in lesson-based discussions. Link


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