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Started in Fall 2019, GeT: The News! Is a triennial newsletter meant to deepen bonds and share ideas within the GeT: A Pencil, an inter-institutional support network for instructors of Geometry for Teachers (GeT) courses and high school geometry teachers. Each issue includes news from the GRIP Lab about the GeT Support project as well as featured essays and news from individuals in the community. Check out a summary of our most recent issue below as well as links to view all past issues.


Fall 2021

Volume 3 Issue 1

Welcome to the Fall 2021 issue of GeT: The News! Download the PDF. This issue opens with an article by Amanda Brown(Milewski) discussing developing and stewarding GeT: A Pencil Community. Teaching GeT Working group members continue to present Student Learning Outcomes by describing two of them in this newsletter issue. Mike Ion and Pat Herbst offer their experience with development of the SLO Assessment Workshop as well as analysis of assessment items. Carolyn Hetrick reflects on how the GeT: A Pencil community has practiced collaborative inquiry in a way that is both responsive to individual members’ contexts and perspectives, and supportive of ongoing work toward their collective aim of increasing capacity for secondary geometry teaching and learning. Nat Miller gives an update on current Teaching GeT Working Group discussions. Julia St. Goar provides an update on current activities of the Transformations Working Group. We hope you will enjoy these and other articles included in this issue of the GeT: The News!

We welcome contributions from members of the GeT: A Pencil community! Activities you tried in class, things you observed your students do, reflections on your experience teaching, thoughts on what the GeT course should include . . .  any of these and others would be fair game to write about. Consider the length of the articles in this issue as examples of how long your piece could be. To pitch your idea, email us at

We hope that you enjoy this issue and will consider contributing an essay in the future (details on pg. 3). We also welcome any feedback about the newsletter:


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